Our Values

Building value through our people, quality, service, integrity, technical expertise, and commitment to our relationships. This is our pledge as a family business that thrives on successful outcomes, nurtures our people, their families and protects the planet for generations to come. Here at Cordwells we also believe in giving back to the communities we serve by donating time, expertise, materials, and equipment. The partnerships Cordwells has developed within the communities, in which we work, live, and play reflects an important part of who we are.

Community Focused

Cordwells lend their support to many community organisations and projects : Yandina Street Fair, Nambour Crushers Seniors & Juniors, Yandina Riding for the Disabled, Yandina Football club, Yandina Cricket Club, Palmwoods Cricket Club, Nambour show society, North Arm Rifle range, Country Music Assoc, Yandina School, Yandina Scouts, Nambour Tram Project

Our Concrete

Ready mixed concrete the most widely used cost effective building material on the planet. Its uses vary from the simplest applications to specialized applications that withstand nature’s test of time.

Decorative Concrete

    Exposed Aggregate
    Coloured Concrete
    Check out Concrete Range for more information

High Performance

    Suspended Slabs
    Formed Wall Systems
    Fibre-crete Columns
    Tilt Panels Post
    Tensioned Concrete
    Early Age


    Sands Grout Mortars
    Flowable Fills

Special and Advanced

    Government Specifications
    Civil Works
    Transport and Main Roads
    Local Council
    Pool Sprays

Standard Concrete

    Residential slabs
    House Slabs


Cordwells offers the highest quality ready mixed concrete in the greater Sunshine Coast Region, with accredited NATA certified technical service to complement our products. Whether you are pouring a patio, footpath, building a home, constructing high rise, planning government works, waste water or stormwater management projects, Cordwells has a solution for your construction challenges.

Before a Delivery

When placing your order and before the day of Delivery – 1. Have a look at our Safe Delivery Guidelines to help us identify any travel and site hazards applicable to your site.
2. Make our friendly admin staff aware of these hazards when placing your order.
3. Also be sure to let us know if anything changes before delivery.

By following these steps, it helps ensure the safety of our driver, you and your properties as best as possible.

Contact Us

Come in and visit at 11-21 Cordwell Road, Yandina Or call us at: 0754467204

Cordwell Resources Quarries

Cordwell’s are a major supplier of high-quality aggregates to the Queensland Construction Industry.

Aggregates & Gravels

    Graded Gravel
    Blue Metal 7mm
    Blue Metal 10mm
    Blue Metal 40mm
    Road Base Rubble 40mm
    Road Base Rubble 300mm
    Under Turf Mix
Landscaping Stock
Landscaping Supply

Decorative rocks

    Emerald Honey
    Mary River 10mm

Landscaping Stock
Landscape supply


    Washed Manufactured Sand
    Crusher Dust

Close up of Our Graded Gravel
Landscape Supply

Soils & Wood Chips

    Enrich Compost
    Hardwood Chips
    Garden Mix Screen
    Top Soil
    Under Turf Mix

Enriched Compost

What our quarries produce

We produce road base to the Department of Transport and Main Roads specifications. Our Quarries are a major supplier of high-quality road base to the Sunshine Coast Construction Industry, Civil Contractors, Local Councils and Tier 1 Infrastructure Contractors Available in three classes; DTMR certified 2.1, 2.3 & 2.5 also known as unbound pavement material. Cordwells also cater to unspecified road base requirements suitable for driveways, under slab, land stabilisation, residential estates, car parks, pathways etc. available as CBR 80, CBR 45, CBR 15 and Unspecified Road base in a variety of sizes 20mm, 50mm, 70mm depending on the application.

Cordwell's Cares

Life Cycle Perspective

The life cycle perspective for the building process with concrete allows our company to identify any environmental impacts during the stages of production. Cordwells potentially prevent adverse environmental impact by using environmentally friendly products to form mixes where available (at the life cycle stage we have control over). Cordwells can substitute cement for fly ash in mixes in-line with Australian Standards, which is a recycled waste. A reduced amount of energy is required in the fly ash manufacture process.

Water Control

One of the most effective ways we have saved rainwater is by installing our rainwater harvesting system. 10 000 gallon water storage tanks have been installed underground at each of the buildings at Cordwells. From here water is channelled through and moved to a larger storage facility on a high point of the business site. This tank was constructed using leftover concrete to make blocks and by placing them in position and spraying the inside to make it strong and waterproof we created a water storage system for use in the concrete plant.

All hard stand areas where wash down water is used have a silt collection point with a pump on a flat reclaiming the water and returning it to a large tank located by the concrete plant for reuse. This pump system has a large pumping capacity to catch up to an inch of water every hour of rain fall, also places that water in our tank and makes sure it is clean if the water does leave the site. Cordwells aim to use recycled water first.

Caloundra Plant

Our new Caloundra plant is capable of producing more than 20m3 of concrete, before needing to refill the bins with materials. It will capture every drop of water, with 800,000 litres of storage. We use the drum blaster to clean the agitator internals.

Yandina Plant

Cordwells can influence the aspect of waste returned from site by reclaiming the materials and water to be recycled. On the 16 July 2012 we had our grand opening of the first Scrommel (concrete reclaimer) to be installed in Australia at our Yandina concrete plant. This reflects Cordwells continuous industry improvement and reduction on environmental carbon footprint. Our Yandina Plant has a 100% recycled water system, large underground tanks for storage and a dust extraction system.

Rehabilitation of Trees

In 2022 cordwells helped with the rehabilitation of over 6000 locally sourced native trees. Check out the about page for more efforts we have made